Sunday, October 12, 2008

could you be happy and fall like a star?

i would just like to start out by saying that copeland's new record, "you are my sunshine" is absolutely incredible. it's one of those albums that i knew i loved on first listen. it hits stores this tuesday so you should buy it .. listen to it HERE.
i don't really know what i'm going to write in here. probably just talk about music that is good and post pictures and shit. but i want to keep a blog because i want to fit in.. really bad. 

i tried to post photos but i got too annoyed so i stopped. maybe later. lorena and bryan want to watch a movie and so do i .. but we can't decide what to watch.

britney spears' new video is good. she looks amazing. i like her.


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LoMo said...

we've decided to watch baby mama. YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE!!!