Friday, December 19, 2008


i wrote this awhile ago..

it's weird to me that christmas is coming up. something doesn't feel like the holiday season to me. it's not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes this time of the year is a bit too gaudy for me. but right now, i'm pretty happy. i'm sitting on my couch and i'm comforted by local philadelphia commercials. a lo of them are for some weird phone-sex-dating service. thank you comedy central, i'm not that lonely.

maybe i should just go ahead and post my december playlist. i don't know if i blogged about this before.. but i've been making playlists every month. mixes that describe how i was feeling this month, songs that liked, or whatever. i may add to this blog as the month goes on.. because it feels incomplete at this point.

i believe in us (this holiday) - a rocket to the moon the only thing i want is you to be here.
i. love. this. song. i just heard it and it's already one of my christmas favorites. it's just so cute and perfect and nick has gone such a long way! 

a long december (cover) - bayside it's all a lot of oysters, and no pearls.
i'm obsessed with this cover. i think i like it as much as the original song. i also love bayside in general. if you don't know them, you should really listen. the acoustic album is a gem.

baby, come on (acoustic) - +44 quit crying your eyes out and baby, come on.
i just like this song. it was really good to listen to when i was in a shitty mood earlier in december. it's a little depressing, but whatever. it was temporarily applicable.

ragged wood - fleet foxes you should come back home, back on your own now.
this is actually a very spring-y song, but i really like it anyway. i listened to it alot while writing shitty papers.

coney island -  good old war maybe that's why i still love it here.
i listened to this while rolling into 30th street station the other day and it just felt perfect. even though the song isn't even about philadelphia, it was very applicable. good old war is from philly though, so that's cool. this band is also really good.

bittersweet symphony - ace enders and a million different people you're a slave to the money, then you die.
best cover song of all time. seriously, this is an incredible song. i'm obsessed with it. i can't say it enough. go buy it on itunes- it's worth it. all your favorite artists sing on it. but ace is the best. 

merry christmas baby - brighten because it's christmas and this is where she needs to be.
my favorite christmas song. of course it has to be on the december playlist!

videotape - radiohead you are my center when i spin away.
so trippy. 

i'm actually in florida now.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

all eyes on me
in the center of the ring
just like a circus.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

hooligans, i love you all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thank full

i want to be a cool hip blogger like lorena mora :(

things i am thankful for:
jonas brothers 
my cousin who appreciates the jonas brothers
applicable lyrics
+ the usual things everyone is thankful for.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


cheeseburgers castle bullshit golden eye model
expo girl talk weird guy fat puppycam missing
jacks freezing coffees ace apple juice mariokart
hungry mexican allnighter elfyourself topangyy

Thursday, November 6, 2008

i was in the process of writing a really long blog last night but then i closed it because someone looked at my screen and tried to read it and i didn't want them to. and i thought it would save.. but it didn't.

my mom is at the joe biden welcome home parade thing right now. i wish i was there so badly.. so many exciting things are happening at home when i'm not there. but i was so happy to be in boston the other night. everything was just about perfect. unfortunately, yesterday was a really hard day. but things are good now and i think i can fully appreciate the change that will be coming.

i'm sleepy. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008


it's officially november! fall fall fall. i wish it was a little warmer. election day is tuesday, i am so excited. i have a lot of hope for once. 

soooo now that it is november i can officially post my ten song october playlist. ten songs that i liked/obsessed over this month, or songs that defined it for me.. i don't know. i guess it's kindof a combination of the two. i had a very excellent october for the most part. 

1. doris day - jack's mannequin
2. holy roman - the get up kids
3. dakota - a rocket to the moon
4. love affair - copeland
5. the exit - forgive durden
6. my beautiful rescue renovated - this providence
7. this is twice now - lydia
8. control freak - copeland (again.)
9. ready - the starting line
10. this is me - DEMI LOVATO AND JOE JONAS. best.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


ross ross ross ross ross ross ross ross ross ross ross ross ross

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


1258 am
fourth floor. 

hazy. hungry. haven't slept in over 40 hours.
scared by scream 2.

now i'm back. i can think a little better. i love my bed, i've missed it.
i'm glad i made it without napping today. it is going to make this evening's sleep 10x beter.
i have decided to make a monthly "mix" of ten songs that describe my month. oct. should be an interesting one. i'll love looking back on all my mixes in the future.

Monday, October 20, 2008

honestly, honest tea.

hi i wanted to do this because lorena did and i basically want to do everything she does.

1. you absolutely complete me. i know you're going to do amazing things with your life and i miss you every single day. thanks for always keeping track of me and influencing me to make the right decisions.. even though i don't always. i can't wait to see what you do with all of your talents and where you end up within the next few years. probz princeton or something.

2. we barely talk anymore, but i know it's for the best. you were a significant part of my life for a long time, probably too long. but you've taught me so much about myself and pushed me to my limit so many times. i miss you sometimes but never for long. it's nice to know i won't come running back again.

3. you're still my best friend, even though i haven't seen you in so long. i think i have more fun with you than anyone else on the planet, and it's so great when we finally get to see eachother. i'm glad things are going so well for you sometimes and i really really hope we don't drift apart, but sometimes it's hard to avoid.

4. i hope you know that you're one of my best friends in the world. i love being famous with you. i'm glad we're closer together now that i'm in boston and i want to see you soon. i've probably only been mad at you like ONCE and it was probably for like five minutes. 

5. you are the realest girl i've ever met and i wouldn't have survived senior year without you. i miss your craziness and i really hope we get to frolick soon. bestfriendsforlifeeee.

6. you are probably one of the funniest and most relatable people ever. you're so creative and i know you're going to do great things for yourself. and i miss you lotsssssss but you're good at facebook.

7. i really don't know if i would survive here without you.. you are singlehandedly the funniest person i've ever met and i have so much fun with you and i think we both know we'll be friends for a very very long time. i love yooooou.

8. we have way too much fun together.

9. uhhh remember when we were best friends? oh wait, that's my fault. thank you for teaching me never to let feelings get in the way of friendship. that doesn't change the fact that i miss you.

10. you keep me grounded here. i really don't know what i would do if i didn't always have you to come to and just talk. you're one of the best friends i've got here and i love you to death.

11. you're goofy.

12. you ruined so much of high school for me. sometimes i wish you never happened, and i do have some regrets regarding our friendship. but it's over, and i don't care. 

13. i hope your girlfriend now misses you as much as i did. you deserve nothing but happiness and success and i'm glad that you finally seem to be achieving both. it's always fun when we see eachother, even if it's not very often. i'm glad the drama is settled.

14. i admire how truthful and genuine you are. i know i can tell you anything and expect great advice in return. you're actually one of the smartest people i know and i wish you weren't so far away. but of course, i'm glad you're keeping yourself busy and having fun in college.

15. you are the most paradoxical human being i have ever met. you make me feel absolutely on top of the world for a little while, then bring me down worse than anyone else. sometimes i REALLY can't stand you, but part of me cares about you waaaay too much. i'm glad that we're so far away. at least at the moment.

16. we barely see eachother anymore but you always make me laugh a lot and i just love talking to you.

17. i worry about you.

18. you're so far away and i love you but i know you're doing something you love and i can't wait to see you when you get back.

19. you are really hot.


i have wanted a quesadilla for like three days now. i am considering going to city place and making my quesadilla dream a reality. BUT of course, i am a college student, meaning i am broke. i officially overdrafted from my debit account the other day and that was the indicator that i really need to stop spending money. but i'm thinking that i can start cutting back on my finances once i eat some quesadillas. 

oops i splurged. 
my suite is really hot. i hate it.
i have a lot of work to do but i can't force myself to do it. i really suck.

this is a very negative blog. but i wanted to update. even though no one reads this. except lorena. because it shows up on her page.

i miss my cat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i'm finding it hard to formulate a good five page essay in this state. i'm in a good place, just not for paper-writing. nick is on my leg and it's very warm, but the rest of me is freezing. we're watching sleepy hollow, my second time seeing it this week. funny that i didn't really pay attention either time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

could you be happy and fall like a star?

i would just like to start out by saying that copeland's new record, "you are my sunshine" is absolutely incredible. it's one of those albums that i knew i loved on first listen. it hits stores this tuesday so you should buy it .. listen to it HERE.
i don't really know what i'm going to write in here. probably just talk about music that is good and post pictures and shit. but i want to keep a blog because i want to fit in.. really bad. 

i tried to post photos but i got too annoyed so i stopped. maybe later. lorena and bryan want to watch a movie and so do i .. but we can't decide what to watch.

britney spears' new video is good. she looks amazing. i like her.