Monday, October 20, 2008

i have wanted a quesadilla for like three days now. i am considering going to city place and making my quesadilla dream a reality. BUT of course, i am a college student, meaning i am broke. i officially overdrafted from my debit account the other day and that was the indicator that i really need to stop spending money. but i'm thinking that i can start cutting back on my finances once i eat some quesadillas. 

oops i splurged. 
my suite is really hot. i hate it.
i have a lot of work to do but i can't force myself to do it. i really suck.

this is a very negative blog. but i wanted to update. even though no one reads this. except lorena. because it shows up on her page.

i miss my cat.

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rtuts said...

wrongity wrong wrong wrong i read this tooo!!! and we should start a pet-missing club. i miss my doggie more than i miss my that bad?